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Folded Fin Heatsinks – Tucker Engineering, Inc.

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Tucker Engineering Designs, Manufacture and Assembles Folded Fin Heatsinks at our state of the art CNC machine shop located in Peabody, Massachusetts. We stock a variety of heatsink shapes and standard coldplates to help meet your specific applications.

  • All our folded fin heatsinks are built to customer specifications.
  • Folded fin heatsinks can offer better thermal performance by maximizing surface area and minimizing space. Another advantage is the fin thickness to fin pitch can be made smaller than that of an extruded fin heatsink.
  • Folded fin heatsinks are generally made from aluminum and/or copper alloys, although other materials can be used. One advantage to this is that heatsink bases thicknesses can be made of thinner.

With folded fin heatsinks, base and fin materials can be mixed in order to tailor thermals to a customer’s needs. Either a thermally conductive bonding adhesive or soldering can be used to attach fins to base material. See additional info for manufacturing specifications.

Our state of the art CNC machine shop has the capability of producing parts from prototype through production. We offer a wide range of services from precision cutting, 3 & 4 axis milling, CNC turning, deburring, to assembly and finishing. To assure quality and satisfaction for our customers, our inspection department monitors work flow from 1st piece to final inspection. TEI can provide aid to customers with our CAD/CAM design and engineering capabilities. Extruded heatsinks, bonded fin heatsinks, coldplates, forced convection coolers, fan heatsink assemblies and folded fin heatsinks are our specialty. From standard shapes to custom extrusions, we do it all.

TEI has the ability to receive download files via Email or FTP in the following cad formats:

  • ProE File Formats
  • 2D Autocad File Formats
  • 2D DXF files
  • Solidworks File Formats
  • 2D & Solids in IGES and STEP File Formats
  • eDrawings File Formats (viewing only)

Industries Include:

  • Military
  • Medical
  • Automotive
  • Power supply
  • Electronics
  • Transportation
  • Architectural
  • Aviation
  • Lighting
  • Microwave
  • Computer
  • Semi Conductor

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