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Liquid Cooled Cold Plates

Tucker Engineering, Inc offers a selection of standard cold plates, or, we will build a cold plate to meet your custom requirements.

One of our standard width 1 pass, 2 pass, 4 pass, or 6 pass coldplates may meet your heat dissipation requirements.

Due to increasing power loads and heat fluxes in some electronic components, simple air cooled solutions are no longer viable. Our standard liquid cooled coldplates may meet your thermal reduction needs, or we can build a coldplate as small as a single FET application to much larger IGBT device cooling requirements. With in-house machinery, TEI can manufacture a coldplate as large as 42" X 72"

Basic workings of a coldplate:

A heat generating component that needs to be cooled, is attached to a 6063-T6 aluminum coldplate base. The material nature of the aluminum base will draw the heat away from the component. A cooling fluid such as water or glycol/water solution is circulated thru tubes pressed into the coldplate base in order to draw heat away from the base, thus keeping the component cooled. These tubes are generally made of copper or stainless steel and secured to the base using a thermal epoxy. Coldplates can also be built using "flat tube" technology.

TEI10224 1PASS
1 Pass

TEI10223 2PASS
2 Pass

TEI10132 4PASS
4 Pass

TEI10133 6PASS
6 Pass

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Type #1


Because the tubing configurations can vary greatly from application to application and from customer to customer it is impossible to list all necessary dimensions for manufacturing. Customers should supply drawings of cold plates for quotes.

Please note:

  • The standard tubing is 3/8 O.D. copper with a .049 thick wall.
  • The minimum outside corner radius on the tubing is .69”
  • The minimum distance centerline to centerline of the tubing tracks is 1.00”
  • The minimum thickness of the cold plate "T" is 1/2" (Type #1)  1/4" (Type #2)

Ask about additional techniques used to enhance the cooling capability of our cold plates.

Type #2


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