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Tucker Engineering, Inc's fully equipped, modern shop will meet all your machining requirements. From ProE Wildfire and AutoCad for design, to Virtual Gibbs for state of the art CNC programming, from first piece to final inspection, TEI's attention to detail will assure you of accurate, reliable products. With machine table sizes up to 46" X 78", most customer part sizes can be accommodated. We machine a variety of materials including aluminum, steel, stainless steel, copper, brass, and plastics. Machine tolerances can be held to as little as .0002" with finishes down to and better that 16 microns in some instances.

By combining the features of ProE solid modeling and the capabilities of the Virtual Gibbs CNC programming software, we can take a job from concept, design, and solid model to cutting chips on our cnc machines in a very short time. Our expert engineering and inspection staff help insure precision finished product for our customers.

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